Why does my pet need to leave the exam room?

Apr 29, 2013

It may sound scary, or even seem overwhelming, when you are in the exam room with your pet and the veterinarian says “I just need to take Fluffy out of the room…”. The veterinarian may say this for a number of very good reasons, so when you see your beloved pet taken out of the exam room, don’t be frightened. It is not always something serious, and you can be sure that your pet will be treated with care and respect!

If your pet is particularly nervous or fractious, the veterinarian will usually ask for help from one of our registered veterinary technicians to hold or comfort the animal. In times like this, it may be better if a professional holds your pet to prevent harm or increased stress to your pet or to yourself. RVTs are very well trained and well practiced at safely and effectively restraining pets of all sizes. It is important to remember that when your pet is in an unfamiliar environment, it can bite or scratch at anyone (including their beloved family members) if they feel threatened. They may also detect their owner’s anxiety about the situation, and will often respond by becoming more frightened. Therefore, with the added help from staff members, the veterinarian can perform a more in depth examination to better assess and diagnose your pet when they are in a quieter environment away from the owner.

The veterinarian will also frequently take your pet “to the back” if they require a procedure such as a bandage change or even a catheter placement. The equipment and materials for these procedures are all located in specific areas of our central treatment area. The design of this area allows for these procedures to be completed quickly and efficiently to minimize stress for our patients.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your veterinarian and ask questions as to why your pet has to briefly leave the exam room. Here at Ostrander Veterinary Clinic, we are always willing to help you with any questions you may have. Our goal is to always provide high quality care for your pet and to help you understand the need for any tests or treatments that are required!