Normal social interaction between puppies often involves play biting and mouthing behaviour. Teething behaviour usually is associated with chewing on household objects. Teething objects, such as ice cubes or kongs filled with softer treats, work well to prevent damage to chair and table legs, while letting the puppy relieve some of the irritation to the gums as the adult teeth prepare to come in. Rough or aggressive play, such as tug of war and wrestling, should not be encouraged.

Puppies learn limits to biting while playing with other pups, therefore socializing your puppy with other healthy, vaccinated dogs or puppies in the home or environment is of benefit. Puppies must learn that chewing on hands and body parts is painful. All family members must be consistent in that training.  It may be initially required to let out a loud cry or yell so that the puppy realizes the play is finished. When everyone does this consistently, biting behaviours should stop fairly quickly. Adult supervision is necessary to teach children to do this as well. If the puppy continues with the biting, all play activity stops and a “time out” is enforced until he calms down

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**UPDATE!** Her owner has been found and she is on her way home! Thanks for helping us get her home! As a side note though, PLEASE have your pet microchipped! Placement of a chip is a simple and inexpensive procedure that would help us know we have found your pet within minutes!!

Does anyone recognize this little one? She was found on the road in Mt Elgin. Please contact the clinic if you know who she is.

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**UPDATE** Thank you for sharing this post! The owners have been found and the puppy is on his way home!! 😁

Anyone missing this puppy? He was found near the village of Culloden. Has a collar but not tags. Please message the clinic if you know who he is.

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