Nutrition is an important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. Every pet has different requirements for activity, growth and play.

To fulfill these requirements the food must be palatable, and contain the proper nutrients to meet the daily energy requirements. Usually a dry food is best, while table scraps are definitely not recommended.

There are many ways to feed our pets, some examples are:

  • Free choice – leave a full bowl of food accessible all the time
  • Controlled portions – leave a measured amount of food 3-4 times each day.
  • Timed feeding – leaving a quantity of food accessible only for a certain amount of time.

There are many types of food to supply the energy needs of our pets. Just a few examples are:

  • Development/Puppy/Kitten Formula – Recommended from weaning to 12 months of age and also pregnant or lactating females.
  • Preventative Formula – Recommended to optimize the health and well being of our adult, mature pets.
  • Weight Control/Mature Formula – Recommended to provide a complete, well balanced diet for less active/older animals.

There are also specialized diets for pets with specific health concerns to help maintain their health.

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