Obesity is a serious, although often overlooked, problem with our indoor companions. Management of this problem often starts when your pet is young. Overfeeding, lack of exercise, feeding inappropriately and some health conditions can all contribute. Careful attention must be paid not just to the ingredient list on the food, but also to the nutrient content of the food. Feeding too large a volume of food can attribute to obesity, just as much as feeding a smaller amount of a higher fat/carbohydrate food.

Feeding table scraps and treats are also problem areas, not only with body mass, but also with poor skin condition and intestine related problems. Most commercially available pet foods are now composed of nutrients that will maintain a very healthy body, without supplementing with our left-overs, which can also result in unwanted behaviours.

Starting your puppy with healthy eating habits can go a long way in maintaining a healthy body weight. Please ask your veterinarian about an appropriate diet plan for your pet.

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