Nutrition is an important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. Every pet has different requirements for activity, growth and play.


Learn more about the types, importance, and timing of vaccinations for cats & dogs

Internal Parasites

Heartworm, roundworm, and tapeworm are serious and sometimes life-threatening parasites. Learn more about them, their prevention and treatment.


What is Epilepsy? What Causes Seizures? How Are Seizures Diagnosed? What Can I Do At Home?

External Parasites

Fleas, ticks and ear mites are far more serious than just uncomfortable annoyances. Learn more about them here.

Celebrating Seniors

Pets as young as 7 may be at an increased risk of developing age-related problems such as arthritis, diabetes, liver and kidney disease.

Ticks and Warm Weather

Did you know that ticks carry diseases that affect both pets and people? What can we do to protect our pets and your family?


Unfortunately, many dogs are fearful of thunderstorms. Learn more about what you can do to help.


Barking is a natural habit of dogs in times of play and warning. However, excessive noise can certainly be problematic. What can be done?


Chewing and mouthing a a natural part of a dog’s learning and socialization, but destructive chewing can be concerning and should not be ignored.


What’s normal and healthy regarding biting? Where and how should we draw the line?


Digging is common normal behaviour in dogs that can progress into a destructive habit.

House Soiling

Inappropriate elimination is a common and often frustrating problem for owners of both cats and dogs. Why do they do this? How can we help?

Separation Anxiety

Due to the extreme social and structure pack nature of a dog, their ability to form very strong bonds with family members can sometimes lead to separation anxiety.

More on Thunderstorms

With warm summer weather comes the fear of the dreaded thunderstorms.

Crate Training

To your pet, a proper crate is similar to a natural den in the wild. Learn more about crate training and how to create a comfortable safe haven for your dog.


Obesity is a serious, although often overlooked, problem with our indoor companions. A good diet helps maintain a healthy body weight and happy pet.


Puppies start learning as soon as they are born. Obedience training is the core to developing a sound and healthy bond between you and your pet.

Why does my pet need to leave the exam room?

When we ask to take your beloved pet out of the exam room, don’t be frightened.