Unfortunately, many dogs are fearful of thunderstorms. Learn more about what you can do to help.

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Barking is a natural habit of dogs in times of play and warning. However, excessive noise can certainly be problematic. What can be done?

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Chewing and mouthing a a natural part of a dog’s learning and socialization, but destructive chewing can be concerning and should not be ignored.

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What’s normal and healthy regarding biting? Where and how should we draw the line?

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Digging is common normal behaviour in dogs that can progress into a destructive habit.

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House Soiling

Inappropriate elimination is a common and often frustrating problem for owners of both cats and dogs. Why do they do this? How can we help?

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Separation Anxiety

Due to the extreme social and structure pack nature of a dog, their ability to form very strong bonds with family members can sometimes lead to separation anxiety.

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More Pet Behaviour Resources

Here are several useful links dealing with behavior in dogs and cats:

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